Mellow and Move offers exceptionally high quality yoga and movement classes. A new schedule is offered every season with a wide range of in-person and online offerings. There is a little something for everybody.

Yoga Schedule

What’s special about yoga and movement at Mellow & Move?
  • Classes are small, limited to 6 students, ensuring that the individual needs of each student can be assessed and met.
  • Mellow and Move has an attractive, boutique style practice studio. The studio is beautiful and clean, offering a tranquil and restful environment for your practice.
  • Mellow and Move provides the highest quality yoga props to enrich your practice and increase your comfort, at no extra charge.
  • In-class enhancements are included such as hydrotherapy (cold pack or heated wheat berry bag), eye pillows, massage and post practice tea.
  • Mariah is an experienced yoga teacher with 13 years of experience teaching a wide range of yoga types including ashtanga, restorative, vinyasa, hatha, power, chair and beginner yoga. Due to her curiosity and commitment to continuing her education, Mariah has an extensive knowledge of body anatomy, physiology and common musculoskeletal conditions in the human body and how they relate to yoga and movement. Mariah’ s goal as a teacher is to help people have a comfortable, effective, and rewarding movement practice.
  • Mellow and Move offers a non-competitive and inclusive practice space. Mariah is passionate about creating a body positive environment that encourages students to listen to their bodies, move with joy, and to practice movement that works for their individual body, mental state, and abilities.
Class Descriptions


Hatha Yoga

A great class for all levels of yoga practitioners. Hatha yoga is a well rounded practice that increases strength and mobility in the whole body. Meditation, yoga philosophy, and asana (yoga poses) are incorporated to build a beautiful practice that will increase your mental and physical well-being.

Suitable for all levels.

Relax & Restore

This class offers evidence based relaxation techniques including breath-work, self massage, and restful, comfy poses. Nurture and restore your body and mind.

Suitable for all levels.

Mellow & Move

This class is half sweat and half relaxation. Many people find it easier to relax after sweating out the day’s stresses. This class starts with a yoga inspired flow and then settles into seated and restorative poses. Relaxation techniques using the breath, self massage, and easy meditation may be included.

This class is good for most levels of fitness and mobility. The ability to sit on the floor and move into standing with relative ease is suggested. Poses can always be modified to suit your abilities. 

Saturday Morning Flow

Start your weekend off right with a healthy dose of endorphins. This casual flow class includes fun beats and a relaxed vibe. Sweat out your workweek stress, wake yourself up after a late night out, or just come to move to some music.

A general knowledge of yoga poses is suggested, as well as the ability to go from seated on the floor to standing without too much effort.

Gentle Yoga

Gently increase mobility, wake up your muscles, reduce muscle tension and soothe your nervous system in this mellow class for all levels of practitioners.

This is a great class for beginners or folks looking to decrease mental and physical stress. Massage, yoga props, meditation, and soft music are sprinkled throughout this well rounded asana practice.

Strength, Stride, & Stretch

Taking place outdoors, this class is a mashup of strength, cardio, and stretching. 

The class begins with a yoga inspired flow that focuses on strengthening. Then we run or walk (or both) for 20 mins. The class ends with a super mellow stretching session and Savasana! 

Class Prices

In studio classes (in person):

  • Your first class is FREE.
  • Drop-in: $19.
  • Pre-registered class series: $17/class

Online classes:

  • Drop-in classes: $10
Private / Group Yoga Sessions
  • One on one: $90 / 75 Mins. A private yoga session with Mariah includes a custom designed yoga session suited to your needs. Mariah can design yoga sequences for you that help in the healing or treatment of certain conditions or injuries; sequences that assist in stress relief, relaxation, and improved sleep; or sequences to help you improve your practice by guiding you through progress towards a specific pose or guide you through different principles of alignment and variations of yoga asanas.
  • Corporate / Team Yoga: Starting at $150 Yoga is great addition to your wellness program for your team at your business or organization. Yoga is also a great complement to most team sports. Mariah can travel to your space/office or can organize a space to practice at for your team based on your preference, team numbers, and location.
  • Family Yoga: $90 / 75 Mins. Great for all ages and a fun activity for every member of the family. Mariah will design a fun yoga class for your family based on your ages, abilities, and preferences.
  • Friends / Stagettes / Weddings etc: $90 / 75 Mins. Yoga need not be super serious. Mariah loves to teach fun classes with good music. Get your sweat on with your friends in a more social atmosphere. BUT: No drinking please.
COVID-19 Protections for Movement Classes
  • Only 6 students per class
  • Props and prop covers washed or disinfected after each use
  • 2 air purifiers to increase air quality/ventilation